Proofreading - Copy Editing

Proofreading involves thoroughly reading through your document, to ensure the content is free of typographical, grammatical, spelling, punctuation, syntax, formatting and other similar errors. We will check for the extra space after a period, the “their” when it should be “they’re” and the compound adjective missing a hyphen. 

Our proofreading process involves:

  • checking for spelling, typographical and punctuation errors
  • ensuring consistency in terminology, spelling, hyphenation, capitalisation, abbreviations and acronyms
  • checking correct style/format for numbers, dates, percentages, symbols, equations
  • checking the page layout and ensuring that elements such as alignment, font, spacing, page and line breaks are all correctly applied
  • ensuring the document is ready for submission, printing, or distribution.

Proofreading is usually the last step in the process after you have completed several drafts or a copy edit of your document to arrive at a final version. Most publishers acknowledge that (despite the spelling checking abilities of modern word processors) a human proofreader is indispensable and worth every cent. Publishing a document containing typos and grammatical errors is not only embarrassing but looks careless and unprofessional.

Copy editing is a far more complex and time-consuming process. To ‘copy edit’ a document is to proofread it — with the added expectation of ensuring readability, flow, and style consistency with other content from your organisation or publication.

Our copy editing process involves:

  • editing your document to ensure consistency, accuracy and completeness
  • restructuring your paragraphs or sections
  • making sure your ideas flow logically
  • adding or removing text to meet the word limit
  • making sure your sentences are clear and concise
  • ensuring you have provided enough background information
  • adding subheadings or sentences to clearly signpost the document structure
  • thoroughly checking your sentence structure for readability, including repeated words, appropriate word choice, and removal of unnecessary words.

During this process we will also highlight sentences or paragraphs where content is inadequate or needs further revision.


Proofreading/copy editing pricing

Pricing is dependent on the nature of the project, quality of the document and the type of work involved. Please contact us and provide a sample of your document to allow us to provide you with a detailed estimate. 

As a general rule of thumb proofreading requires about 30 minutes per 1000 words and copy editing requires about 60-90 minutes per 1000 words. Remember that proofreading means finding the final few mistakes. If your project requires anything beyond detecting mistakes (which is almost always the case), then copy editing rates will apply (which is more time-consuming).

We accept your documents via any file type that can be converted to Microsoft Word format. Where necessary we will convert the file prior to commencing proofreading/copy editing.   

Website Content Writing

If you are designing a new website or revamping an existing one, our website content writing service is just what you need. An experienced copywriter will focus on providing quality content for your website – content that is clear, concise, interesting, persuasive and everything else good website content needs to be. It will focus on the benefits to the client and include clear calls to action. 

If you are interested in SEO, we can incorporate your targeted keyword phrases in the website content and the title tags and can complete keyword research, if required. The content we create uses keyword rich marketing content that draws in your audience and is designed to keep your site ranking highly in search engines. For website content writing, please contact us for a quotation and provide the website URL, if one currently exists.

When you provide your requirements, we will provide you with a quotation for your project.